Wednesday, August 8, 2018

How To Be Popular At School Lunch Break 101

How To Be Popular At School Lunch Break 101

Get dad to secretly buy a bottle of BBQ sauce and share with school mates 😂

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Freebie and Teen Blackheads

I get all sorts of free stuff and so last year I received this. I had an extra 1 set left which I forgot all about, and today, my preteen is using it. OMG, he says he thinks he has blackheads!!! This really is the start of the teenage life.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Child Acting During Exam Week

My kid is a child actor, this video shoot happened on 5th Oct 2013. I'm just keeping the info here for memories. 

Anyways, it was exam week, and here he is today doing a Prego spaghetti shoot for the Singapore market instead of mugging with his books. He is learning about discipline cause it's really hard work (woke up at 5am, and he ate 6 plates of pasta with no complaints), he learns about work ethics from watching the others work, he learns acting from the other actors around him, he learns to interact with adults (he is the only child there), he learn heaps. He is unschooling.

He say, one day soon, he wants to be a young director.

Ps the young man in black IS the director. Look how young he is and he is already doing big accounts.

Multiplier Effect and Malaysians

Macroeconomics 101
The Multiplier Effect And How It Affects You & Me

Who took Macroeconomics in college? I hated it, but it does now mean something today, especially during the Raya season when everyone goes out to buy goods and services. 

Definition of Multiplier Effect.
The multiplier effect refers to the increase in final income arising from any new injection of spending. 

Malaysia badly need money to settle it's debt and one great way to inject money into the economy is to spend money in the country during Raya. When you spend money, it pays people who in turn will buy more things. 

Another great way is to encourage your friends from overseas to come and have a holiday here in Malaysia. Get the Singaporeans, Indonesians and Thais to shop, eat, relax here. A few months ago, a huge group of Chinese tourists by the bus loads visited Penang. By the hundreds ok? 😮 Can you imagine how much money they injected into the Penang and Malaysian economy? Yes, some PRC people can be a real pain in the ass but a lot of them are actually quite ok, with the control of the tour guides to ensure they jaga the local sensitivities. This is why the tourism people are important to help Malaysia reduce it's national debt. I know the Tourism people in Penang had worked hard to make this happen. 

Everyone has to hustle together to make Malaysia a better place. Someone in another group said having a KPI is important, and maybe the Malaysian tourism board needs a KPI to keep them on their toes or else fire the non performing individuals and hire better ones. What do you think?

How does it affect our kids? My kids may start a business later in life, and I often point out business techniques to them time after time as a life long learning homeschooling method. I feel this way is often better as it becomes part of their "DNA", part of their consciousness. Hopefully, they will know what to do when they grow up.

Photo taken from Rojak Daily and Pinterest.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

The Start of Teenhood

The cycle of life and the start of teenage hood.

The 12 year old wants to exert his independence. Tells me he wants to sleep alone (he shares a room with the other brother). He says he wants to lock the room. Previously, I didn't allow the kids to lock the room door. My excuse is, I would like to kiss them good night before I go to bed. He negotiated to have the room locked. 

So, great 🤔

He moves into a room by himself, sets up the bed with clean sheets. 😁Went to bed at 9pm. 10pm, calls out and says he has to pee, 😂 and wishes me good night. 11pm, tells me again he needs to pee. 😂

Oh my gorgeous son. No longer a little boy anymore. I will miss that but never mind, I still have the 10 year old to fuss about with

That one still loves hugs 

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Boys and Dating Gifts

Teaching my 10 year old boy economics (because the teen boys at their school are showing interest in girls 

Me: OK, (walking past a large Poh Kong store) you need to save money, why?
Son: Buy my wife jewelry?
Me: Correct 
Me: But before you get married or still in school, don't buy expensive jewelry lah. A cute hair pin or simple cheap necklace is a nice thought. Do you know why?
Son: yeah, because I'll be using YOUR money.


Saturday, May 26, 2018

Stop that pooping, you animal youl!

How many of you have to deal with cat and dog poo?

My friend once called me up in desperation. Stray dogs was pooping outside her house and the pong was wafting in like a nuclear bomb you cant stop!

She tried everything. I even suggested high pitched sounds.

She tried dried orange skins. She tried chili powder. All these remedies she found on the internet.

Then, she read about vinegar. Vinegar repels animals, apparently....

So, off she went to NSK and got 2 large cheapest jugs of white vinegar you can ever find and she poured here and there all over the ground. The vinegar was so potent, it killed the grass, but no matter. One whiff of the vinegar and the dogs ran away. So did the cats.

You know, it may even repel rats. One never knows.