Monday, April 30, 2018

Making Churros In The Thermomix

Who likes Churros? It's super easy to make with the Thermomix and super cheap too. A churro is a Spanish / Portuguese fried dough snack that is commonly sold at food stands. It's like super cheap food for the masses over there. Here in Malaysia, it is sold as a fancy dessert, and thus it is pricey. The good news is that you can make it yourself.

Churros are actually very simple, made of flour, water a bit of sugar, salt and a touch of oil. There is no egg. This makes a very crunchy dough.

Nowadays though, a lot of recipes call for eggs, which makes it more like a deep fried choux (the pastry you use for cream puff).

This recipe below uses eggs, and it's super easy with the Thermomix. There is also a recipe for those who do not use the Thermomix.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Post Malaysian Election 2013

5th May 2013 profile photo of myself.

I was willing to remove the darn nail polish just so I could vote. At that time, my dad was still alive, and our house was buzzing with excitement because my dad was very concerned about the political situation of this country. When Mahathir was the PM, all these stuff didn't concern me much. I couldn't understand why my dad would be up watching the news at 3am in the morning (no internet then). The country was stable. My mom was ok with BN under Mahathir since the country made a lot of money even though she wasn't actually really happy. I think the consensus was that he was helping the country progress so much. You have to understand that my mom came from a poorer kampung at Alor Star and now under Mahathir, everyone was doing well. We had a roof over our heads, food on the table. CEO also must be compensated for the hard work mah, sort of thing.

Then, Badawi came into power and he brought hope so everyone voted for him, everyone in my family.

However, things started to change. It changed so bad. From a glorified Malaysia Inc where all the yuppies felt invincible, like we were as good as those New Yorkers at Wall Street , we are now literally about to be bankrupt or maybe even already bankrupt.

I miss my dad so much. He would have loved the drama of the elections this round.

Ini kali lah.
Kita mesti menang.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Helping The Grab Car Drivers

I take Grab car all the time and the drivers are friendly bunch of people. During my rides I often chat with the drivers and one of the things I realised was that the more experienced drivers avoid certain routes, like certain universities because they are notorious for giving Grab Car drivers a bad review not because the drivers are bad but because they drive a national car, or will not allow 5-6 people into the car instead of 4. That sort of thing.

Parents, most uni kids do not have their own vehicle, and so we rely on Grab car drivers to help our kids go from one location to another. If our kids do not play win win, but play win lose, the uni students will lose when nobody wants to go near the university areas nor any location near where they live in groups.

Giving an innocent driver 1 star because they drive a cheaper car is a FORM OF BULLYING. Giving an asshole driver 1 star because he or she tried to steal your wallet is a totally different thing altogether.

Am I right so far?

Besides, a person who owns an expensive car will unlikely use that car as a Grab car. They will use a cheaper car for the wear and tear. Makes sense? Please help the hardworking Grab drivers.

So what happens to the good kids who toe the line? They become collateral damage because of the few idiots. To avoid being an innocent casualty, we have to teach our good kids certain skills known as "group dynamics". We can't just leave our good kids to talk to the bad apples. You tried it, I tried it. It often doesn't work.

What works is avoiding the jerks. Put them in cold storage until they behave. It's like how we put our kids in a corner until they stop acting badly. Same thing, except that these are teenagers who by now should have known better. Doing this now may just teach them to stop their disruptive behaviour before they make even bigger boo boos later at their workplace.

Do you have any other suggestions to stop bonehead students from making a bigger mess? Let us know here.

Kid Pretending To Do His Homework 9 April 2018

I found my 10 year old hiding at one corner of the dining table pretending to do his homework. Padahal, he was reading a comic book.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Teaching Our Kids How To Sell

I was walking through The Curve when one young sales girl approached me and asked me if I would be interested in a hair growth product.
I looked at her and asked her if I was balding.
The thing about sales is, the manager must teach these young people how to approach the client knowing what to say to them, otherwise, these young people would get rejected over and over again. They would give up quickly and too easily thinking rejection is what they will receive over and over. 
As a sales person myself, I wished that she had approached me saying stuff like
Would you know anyone interested in our money back guarantee product?
Or would you know anyone interested in trying this product? We have a super special offer now.
Or hi. Please take a look at our brochure in case you know someone who needs it badly. This product works! Smell this and see. It really smells nice. Smell joyful every evening after a shower 
By the time our kids are teenagers, they will be selling all sorts of things. They will be trying to convince their teachers why they deserve an A for one of their projects. They will be trying to convince a HR manager why they should be hired. They may try to raise funds for a charity event at their school. 
Selling is one of the most important skill a kid can have.
Are we teaching our kids how to sell, or as Asians say, know how to talk?

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Throwback time: I Hate Lazy People

Throwback time

I hate those student group partners who wont do their shit.

Really, I had a bad experience, where my scholarship was jeopardised by this one grass chewing redneck who refused to do his part. He was more concerned about tailgate parties. I went to the professor to complaint and the bugger said, "I'm not going to tell you what to do, this is the real world, you would just have to figure it out yourself." So, I had no choice. I did the project on my own and we both received an A for it.

Later after I graduated, true enough, Professor was right. Arseholes still exist within my breathing space and they wont pull their own weight. Sometimes, I just feel like whacking them on the head just to see if there's air inside the brain or something. 🙄 I am sure you all know what I mean if you ever experienced this before.